About the artists

RAIZVANGUARDA - Associação Cultural
Neil Tomkins

Through landscape painting Tomkins explores ideas of spirituality, physical and emotional displacement and shamanism. With a ritualistic approach to his craft offset by frantic impulse, Tomkins generates an echo chamber of visual emotion.

Yuri Nezovic

Through poetry, filmmaking and photography Nezovic examines human emotion and the different modes of communication used to express creativity, knowledge and love. Intoxicated by the many faceted layers of human interaction his work is both multicultural and metaphysical.

About The Residency

Our first residency together begins in this century old school nestled in the small mountain village of Bordeiro, Portugal. Mixing a visual medium with human language we aim to explore the relationship between creation, destruction and environment with the powerful magic of catharsis.


  1. May the Gods of Art, Love, Creativity, Humour and Conciousness give you strength and inspiration on this wonderful journey of self discovery. Best wishes ,Sulja Raam.


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